MOTEC CNC Engineering

Through our know-how and our good contacts to the Far East, we have enabled our customers lately to bring our own machine line regarding to our demanding wishes and solutions to the market.

It is important to us to offer high-quality, state-of-the-art machines, which are as well as user friendly to our customers.

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VMC Series

VMC Series - view and configure

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Our own brand: efficient, precise, reliable - at an optimal price-performance ratio

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Starter Kit

  • vice
  • Tool holder SK 40 with tightening bolt
  • 6 collets ER 32 (6,8,10,12,16,20)
  • collet wrench
  • Mounting bracket Tool holder
  • Clamping set for vice

Measurements in the production cycle

Control & accessory variants

Lehmann Partnership

Optional: High-quality rotary tables

EA rotary tables are single-axis (usually 4th axis) with a spindle for one workpiece. Our single-spindle rotary tables (4th axis) are compact, flexible and can be installed in almost any machining center. Due to the better accessibility of the turntables, a stable machining process and a higher cutting performance are given. The smaller the turntable for the specific part spectrum, the more energy-efficient it is. This is due to the smaller mass to be moved. CNC turntables are mounting axes and turn machining centres, surface grinding machines, die-sinking EDM machines and much more into highly productive machining systems for the production of workpieces for different areas of application.

Our CNC rotary tables impress through several factors, for example through their power density, through the best possible accessibility. Short clamping of tools and workpieces increases productivity and accuracy and reduces space requirements through optimum use of the machine room. Our CNC rotary tables with accessibility from above open up new possibilities which have a positive effect on productivity and higher workpiece accuracy.

Our "combiFlex®" modular system allows our CNC rotary tables to be retrofitted at any time, even years later. Therefore, we need fewer sizes for our CNC rotary tables than our competitors in order to achieve maximum modularity. With our CNC turntables, more than 100 combinations are available as standard. All gears of our CNC rotary tables are preloaded backlash-free (PGD, preloaded gear drive) and therefore suitable for real simultaneous operation. The adjustment of the backlash of our CNC rotary tables by radial adjustment of the worm guarantees high long-term precision with low maintenance.


Siemens Sinumerik 828D

Turning and milling in standardized machines as well as functions for simple automation of grinding machines. Here the SINUMERIK 828 controls SINUMERIK 828D BASIC, SINUMERIK 828D and SINUMERIK 828D ADVANCED with their unique CNC performance set standards in productivity. With the SINUMERIK 828 controls, Siemens Machine Tool Systems offers compact CNCs for standardized turning and milling machines. With their technology-specific system software, their applications range from vertical and simple horizontal machining centers - naturally also for mold making applications - to surface and cylindrical grinding machines, up to two-channel turning centers with counter-spindle, driven tools and Y-axis. Robust hardware architecture and intelligent control algorithms as well as top-class drive and motor technology ensure maximum dynamics and accuracy during machining. The intuitive SINUMERIK Operate interface enables efficient machine operation. SINUMERIK 828 controls master all challenges in standardized turning, milling and grinding machines with convincing performance.

Intelligent JOG mode

Thanks to an intelligent JOG mode and intuitive tool management, all typical setup functions in SINUMERIK Operate are graphically and interactively supported. This reduces unproductive time to an absolute minimum.

The intelligent JOG mode graphically interactively supports all typical setup functions of lathes and milling machines in SINUMERIK Operate. A probe can thus be easily changed with just three clicks. The face milling of a blank or the turning of soft clamping jaws in lathes is also carried out directly in the intelligent JOG mode - without creating a part program. The extended retract function enables the tool to be retracted after a power failure and restarted without errors at the point of interruption.

Tool and workpiece measurement

In the intelligent JOG mode, the measurement of tools and workpieces is optimally supported: Probing the edge, corner or holes is sufficient to determine the clamping position including the basic rotation of the workpiece - even in tilted workpiece planes. Tool measurement is also easy for SINUMERIK. No matter whether the tool geometry is "scratched" or determined with a tool measuring system - at the touch of a button, the geometry is transferred to the tool correction memory of the CNC.

Clear tool management

The SINUMERIK offers a perfect command center for tool management. Tool data and magazine location information are clearly displayed in one image. The selection of a suitable magazine location is fully automatic: Select the tool, press the button - and the SINUMERIK offers a suitable magazine location. Of course, the service life of the tools is also monitored and, if necessary, the appropriate replacement tool is changed.


The Nano CNC control for entry-level and high-performance machine tools. The 0i Series F CNC controllers are the successor to the world's most popular 0i Series CNC controllers, with over 700,000 systems installed worldwide, and unmatched in performance, price and reliability.


  • compatible with all previous versions
  • simple operation
  • intelligent software functions for demanding machining tasks
  • state-of-the-art features
  • Jerk Limitation and Nano Smoothing

Fields of application

  • milling
  • turning
  • grinding
  • punching

Heidenhain TNC 620/640

The TNC 620 is compact and clear. The TNC 620 is a compact, versatile contouring control with up to five controlled axes and controlled spindle. Due to its flexible operating concept - workshop-oriented programmability in HEIDENHAIN plain text or external programming - and its scope of features, it is particularly suitable for use on universal milling, boring and drilling machines:

  • Individual and series production
  • tool construction
  • General mechanical engineering
  • Research and Development
  • Prototype construction and test workshops
  • repair departments
  • Teaching and training centres

Universal milling machines

  • Free contour programming
  • Milling cycles for complex contours
  • Fast Datum Setting with Heidenhain Touch Probe


  • Drilling and spindling cycles
  • Cycles for point patterns on circles and lines
  • Drill oblique holes